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A perfect day in New York
How do we create journeys that inspire people to customize and share their idea of a perfect day in New York? In collaboration with Gotham Beauty and Maybelline we created a suite of solutions
Giving back to your fans
How do you celebrate the 10 year anniversary of a world leading dance label and invite the fans to party in style? We aided Size Records and Rebel Studios in their mission to give away 100 of their
Reintroducing a key tech media publisher
How do you showcase the Ad services of a parent company to a portfolio of leading digital content and commerce brands? We completed a 360º overhaul of the Purch brand and website, to better
Unifying a brand identity and experience
Our overhaul of Gilt Groupe created a cohesive experience of the brand, from its visual identity to its online user experience and e-commerce engagement.